Tatiana 9644

22 years old from Nikolaev

  • Birth Date

    6 January

  • Height

    168 cm5' 6''

  • Weight

    58 kg128 lbs

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  • Build

    slim (slender)

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  • Marital status

    Single and No children

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  • My Languages

    Russian FluentUkrainian Native

  • I’m looking for

    Marriage, Relationship, Dating

Tatiana 9644

22 years old from Nikolaev


My typical day

Normally, I wake up at 8 am and go for a walk with my dog. I love animals very much. Then I have breakfast and enjoy a cup of coffee. After this, I go to the gym, as I need to keep strong for the volleyball competitions. When I come home, I have lunch, cook dinner, and clean the house, as I like when everything is clean and neat. I prefer to watch TV shows in the evening in order to relax and unwind. Otherwise, I can meet friends on weekends and have fun with them.

The type of man that I desire

I believe that appearance is not a critical aspect, I appreciate personality much more. I am looking for a kind-hearted, supportive and sympathetic man. I strive to find an understanding, generous, devoted, courageous, and honest man with a good sense of humor. Also, I want to add that respect and support are crucial for me in relationships. Generally speaking, I am not looking for perfection, I just want to find the love of my life and when I feel it I will be the happiest woman ever. Maybe you would like to be the man that will make me smile?))

What I do in my leisure time?

As for my free time, I enjoy both active just the same as more quiet activities. To begin with, I am really fond of sports, particularly volleyball. I have been into volleyball for already 7 years. It doesn't only help me keep fit and healthy, but also enables me to meet new people, as I regularly participate in various competitions. Besides, talking about something quieter, I do fancy watching different films, in particular Marvel production, and series, listening to music, and walking. It would be great to do all these activities with my partner))

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This is the example of a real woman who takes care of herself, but at the same time, is open to other people. Tanya seems to be a wonderful potential wife and mother. She is looking for love, and we hope she will find it here.

My future goals are

The first thing that is important for me is independence, particularly a financial one. I believe that woman has to be self-sufficient, which includes self-development and independence in all aspects. Secondly, I dream about travelling all over the world and visiting as many countries as it will possible. I want to put this one in reality with the better half of me)) I mean with the loved one. Last but not least, I dream about a happy marriage, and probably even a family, so I joined this site with the hope to find the right man for me and I want to be the best woman for him and make him happy!)

About my family

I have neither a big nor small family, which consists of four people, namely my parents, my younger sister, and me. I do enjoy the role of an elder sister, and I think I am a good role model for her. The best person I have ever met is my mother, I trust her and I know that if anything happens she will always support me.

How would I describe myself

It's always difficult to talk about yourself, but I will try. So, I would say that I am quite a determined, sociable, outgoing, and straightforward person. At the same time, I am polite, gentle and very supportive, and understanding. My friends and trustworthy people can always expect a helping hand and listening ear form me.